The Cool Foundation aims to contribute to the development of children in disadvantaged situations around the world by financially supporting long-term
or recurring projects. Please find bellow current and past projects the Foundation has been involved with.

Child labor is a very big problem in the Tirupur region, South India. A major growth in the clothing industry over the past 20 years has been accompanied by massive recruitment of cheap migrant workers & child workers. Net4kids is fighting hard against this problem together with local project partner SAVE.

UNICEF is tackling child labor in the cotton and textile production in Bangladesh. UNICEF ensures that children’s rights are respected throughout the entire world. Preventing child labor is important to ensure that children grow up healthy and go to school. That’s why UNICEF works together with the government, companies and civil society organizations to prevent child labor.

The Friendship Sports Centre is the only sports center in Europe fully equipped for children and young people with disabilities.

The Max Foundation works on preventing child mortality in the most effective and efficient way.

Free a Girl is an international organization dedicated to fight child prostitution and impunity.

The IMC Weekendschool Foundation provides supplementary, motivational-oriented education for young people aged 10-14, in those places in the Netherlands where it is most needed. 

Free a Girl supports professional organizations in various countries that liberate girls from prostitution.

Stichting Single Supermom offers support to single mothers and their children. Our goal is to strengthen the socio-economic position, the well-being and the network of single mothers.