Cool Foundation: Providing help where needed

Every child deserves a flourishing future

Fashion Group Solutions’ brands America Today, MS Mode, CoolCat and Sapph contribute to the developoment of children worldwide through the Cool Foundation. It is a child’s right to have access to basic services such as education, water and safety, and to have equal opportunities as other children do in order to achieve their full potential. We provide support to children in our own country, in countries where Coolinvestments Group’s clothing brands produce, and in countries we have a special connection with.

About Us – The well-being of the child is central

Mission – The Cool Foundation aims to financially contribute to the development of children in disadvantaged situations around the world to create a more inclusive society. Inclusivity is at the core of our foundation.

The foundation focuses on projects that contribute to the following topics:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Supporting children in disadvantaged situations

Method – On behalf of the Fashion Group Solutions’ brands, the Foundation financially contributes or provides access to founding to disadvantaged children at high risk of poverty, always with the aim of supporting children’s social development worldwide by giving them a chance to leave poverty behind and have access to a brighter future.

The Foundation focusses on children in their home country and in the countries where the fashion labels of Fashion Group Solutions (FGS) – within the Coolinvestments Group – produce their clothes. In addition, the Foundation supports children in countries where the Group has a special connection with.

Although we do not want to limit ourselves to the structure below, the Foundation determines which goals are supported according to the following division.:

  • About one third of the annual budget is spent in Fashion Group Solutions’ production countries.
  • About one third of the annual budget is spent in Dutch initiatives for children and youth.
  • About one third of the annual budget is spent on projects for the youth to promote association and friendship between different religions and cultures.

The Cool Foundation favors and gives priority to long-term projects which enables lon-term benefits, and to recurring projects that are promoted for a maximun of two years which enables a high degree of backgrounds and diversity of projects. The financed projects vary in focus between health, education, and culture.

The Organization – Cool Foundation is an independent foundation established in 1999. It is funded by the Coolinvestments Group – including the real state division – and its labels under Fashion Group Solutions: America Today, MS Mode and CoolCat. The foundation is aknowledged by the Dutch government as an ANBI Foundation, meaning that it is entirely committed to public interest.

The Cool Foundation focuses on the original target group of the first label of Coolinvestments: children.

It is based in the Coolinvestments’ headquarters in Diemen, the Netherlands. The Foundation works together with the sustainability team of Fashion Group Solutions, for the team has extensive knowledge of the social and economic conditions in the production countries of the fashion labels.

The Board:

Our board is made up of four members: three board members and an external member.

Chairman – E.D. Drok

Secretary – R.M. Kahn

Treasurer – J.M. Kessels

Controller – S. de Ruiter


Guarantee continuity and increase impact

Do you align with our mission and are interested in applying for a grant? Then please follow the steps bellow:

  • Download the application form and complete it
  • If present, enclose the most recent annual statement with the application
  • Send the application by e-mail to

Note: incomplete application forms will not be processed.


If you have any question please write to us at , we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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