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“We work towards a safe and healthy working environment for everyone who touches our products“

We want everyone who is part of our supply chain to work in a safe and healthy environment. At our suppliers, we want to see that the building is safe and that there are measures in place to prevent work related accidents, injuries or illness. In some of the countries where our clothes are produced, risks exist in relation to healthy and safe working conditions in garment factories. We monitor the health and safety requirements at the factories via audits and support our suppliers on their improvement plans.


All our brands that produce in Bangladesh are signatories of the 2018 Transition Accord, we collaborate with the industry to prevent and mitigate possible adverse impacts in factories in Bangladesh. The 2018 Transition Accord entered into effect on 1 st June 2018. This agreement is a continuation of the 2013 Accord, which was signed in May 2013 and expired end of May 2018. The Accord is a legally-binding agreement between global brands & retailers, international and local trade unions and social organizations to help Ready-Made Garment factories in Bangladesh become safe – and stay safe – for millions of workers.

What the Bangladesh Accord for Fire and Building Safety does:

  •  All factories producing for Accord signatory companies undergo independent regular fire, electrical and structural safety inspections.
  • The Accord monitors remediation progress and facilitates brand support for remediation. Updated Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) are published online.
  • Joint labor-management Safety Committees are trained, and all factory workers are informed about essential workplace safety.
  • Workers and their representatives have a right to refuse unsafe work and can raise complaints with the Accord Safety and Health Complaints Mechanism.